Global Gaming Group

International clan connecting veterans of ArmA series, military simulators' fans and gamers.


Our history?

Where did we come from?

From 2017 to 2020, we functioned as the Armawka clan. Currently, we operate as Global Gaming Group (Grupa Grania w Grę) and under our logo we connect people from all over the world, who speak any language.

Mainly we are focused aroun Bohemia Interactive's ArmA 3 - we create our own, small scenarios, and organize or take part in large combined operations (joint operations). However, we are not limited to just one game.


3G users


scenarios played


thousand hours in ArmA


years in ArmA Community

Looking for a hosting?

Use our dedicated ArmA 3 server and conduct any scenario for even 100 players!

The military simulations can be fun

Global Gaming Group combines features that are seemingly hard to merge - the realism of the modern battlefield and entertainment that comes from playing with friends. We managed to achieve it, thanks to which you can experience the better and worse moments of virtual war, without losing what playing games may give - satisfaction and joy.

  • ArmA 3 enriched with medical modifications, weapons, factions and maps
  • Weekly scenarios with role-playing Game Masters
  • Big, multiclan joint operations based on events from WW2 to the distant future


We play with "newbies" and veterans

To play with 3G, all you need to do is to have a legal Army copy, free weekends and the desire to learn mechanics of ArmA. All other things, such as cooperation with people, the use of individual equipment and general issues of operating on the battlefield, are covered by our training system - mandatory basic training allowing participation in the scenarios and specialized training for volunteers, e.g. marksmanship, driving heavy vehicles or flying a helicopter.

  • The more you know, the shorter the training is
  • Individual or group tutorials using in-game equipment and written documentation
  • You can also become an instructor and train other recruits yourself!


We play ArmA

Co-op scenarios, joint operations, persistent modes.


COOP Scenarios


Joint Operations


Persistent modes

Join the 3G Community!

Our recruitment process is simple, short and requires a minimum of commitment.

More about 3G

See the details of how our Community works.




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