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About us

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Global Gaming Group was found in June 2020, and it is an iteration of the former “How will it be on Altis – section of ArmA series” / “Armawka” group – one of the largest Polish communities of fans of the ArmA series, war simulators and military equipment. Currently, we are creating ambitious scenarios in Army 3 for our users, we also conduct joint operations with clans from around the world, and we also take part in such.

3G was established with the intention of returning to the assumptions that bound us under the old banner, and which have been forgotten: treating ArmA as a game, not a second life, making friends internally and externally, and categorically rejecting the toxicity that the Internet has been full of for few years.

Global Gaming Group is not a typical clan or a “unit”. There are no military ranks, promotions, sitting in barracks, obligatory payments or forced participation in the games. Games have always been a short-term pleasure to let you forget about your problems. Also, how a man performs on or off the battlefield is shown by his skills and the opinion of others, not by the number of stars on his shoulder.

How do we stand out from other groups?

Within ArmA

While making missions, we focus on the compatibility of the scenarios with the selected setting, and during them the players’ initiative and role-play performed by Zeus are the most important. Everyone can play as whoever they want and do their own missions, if they prove that they can do that properly.

  • Scenarios played on weekends
  • Polish and international Joint Ops
  • Persistent modes available around the clock every day
  • Specialized training excercises to learn specific roles
  • No ranks or permanent assignments to units

Outside ArmA

Our Group is not limited to just one milsim game. Among the members there are many fans of all kinds of games and their genres. We have a Discord server with a wide range of thematic channels, and we also manage to meet in real life every now and then.

  • We play different games: Squad, War Thunder, DCS, Barotrauma, Hell Let Loose, etc.
  • We do not require any fees for participating in 3G
  • We discuss all topics in all ways
  • We do not antagonize ourselves in the group or outside of it

Become a 3G member

If in the past you have played Arma, you’re playing it right now, or maybe you want to start a beautiful and long adventure with this game; if the pandemic and lockdown have taken your toll and you are looking for a group of people to talk to about everything or nothing; Global Gaming Group is the place for you. The recruitment process is short, simple, and if you come on anything other than Arma, you don’t even need to be trained. Click the button below to go to our Discord: