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Join 3G in three simple steps

Global Gaming Group is an open community that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, language or origin. However, joining our group is more than just clicking a button and disabling notifications. Please read the content below and you will become a member of the group quickly and painlessly.

What do we expect from you?

  1. Activity on Discord and participation in scenarios (at least one Op per month)
  2. Respond to pings and participate in 3G life (you can assign yourself ranks that interest you – only they will get pinged)
  3. Openness to people, friendly disposition, willingness to learn new things and polish your skills

If you meet these three things, it means that you will be satisfied with us and we will be satisfied with you. So you can follow the three steps indicated below.

Step 1. Join the Discord Server

As previously mentioned, all our activity is focused on the Discord server, which combines the best features of forums, text chat and voice messaging. Creating an account in the service is a matter of three minutes, and you do not need to download the application – Discord also works via a browser.

Step 2. Verify yourself

Our Discord server has a simple verification system – read the regulations, follow the instructions and mark the rank of @Administrator. Thanks to this, we will know that you have managed to follow the recommendations from the regulations and we will be able to give you the appropriate ranks. Also, remember to tell us whether you are coming to play Arma or for some other purpose, so that you do not receive unnecessary pings. And please inform us that you do not speak Polish, so we can advise you without any unnecessary ąźżćłóę language.

Step 3. Pass the Mandatory Basic Training

Every new 3G member receives the rank of Recruit and he is required to undergo the Mandatory Basic Yraining – regardless of his experience with Arma 3, the ArmA series, knowledge of the military or affiliation with the any type of army. The training covers not only the issues of the game or elements of war simulators, but also explains the different rules of the group, it is also the best time to ask questions. The training lasts a maximum of 1.5 hours depending on the number of participants and your knowledge – the more you know, the faster it will go. Our current record is 7 minutes.

And voila! After following these three steps, you become a regular 3G user and can take part in every aspect of our group – conversations, competitions and so on.